The sky is the limit to designing your recreation system to include many varieties of play features that spray, gush, dump, or pour from different products. Your Splashpad® or Zero-depth Poolplay™ can have as few as one play feature on up to many depending on the size of your project. Children have fun being challenged and stimulated by the different activities available with these play features. This system allows children of any age or with disabilities to participate in pool play. The fun never ends and is a great compliment to the larger deeper bodies of water at your aquatic facility.

Play Features-Splash Pads

Many play feature companies have aquatic play technology designed to work with automatic operation, central control, and easy components to optimize management of the system. Play progresses from each feature to ensure that there is not only more than one type of water effect but so that a single effect is not overused. This ensures that there is never too much or not enough water at one time. With no standing water, no lifeguard supervision is required to monitor the Splashpad®. We can help you design your Splashpad®/Poolplay™ or work with your designer to get the play features that will work best for your project.

Play Features

  • Fun play for all ages
  • Water management system to reduce water costs
  • No staffing requirements with zero entry – splash pads
  • Design different play features to make a one of a kind experience
  • Can be adjusted to your budget, location, and features
  • Children of all abilities have access to the water and features
  • Can be used in many different applications