Our service technicians can help you keep your pool functioning as if it was new. They are experienced in many areas from repairs to training in addition to replacing equipment or helping you test the water in your pools or spas.

We maintain an inventory of many of the common pool components needed for repair or replacement for your equipment. The technicians can also order any part you may need from our various vendors to drop ship directly to you.

Aqua Logic, Inc. offers complete services for all types of swimming pools or spas:

Pool Repairs – pumps, filters, heaters, and other related equipment

Pool Inspections – technicians can inspect your facility to see any problems that might not have been noticed and make recommendations to fix the problems immediately. This includes the structure, heaters, and equipment used for your filtration and pump systems.

Water Testing – Water quality is always changing and it is helpful to have one of our professional technicians review your testing process and chemicals currently being used in all of the pools. The technicians stay up to date on new testing options and chemicals that may resolve your water quality issues.

Seasonal start-ups and shut-downs – In the spring your pool requires certain processes to get the equipment up and running for the new swim season. The technicians can do this for you or train you to the proper process to ensure your facility is operating at its peak performance. In the fall, they can winterize the pools to prevent frost and other cold-related issues that can severely damage the pool structures and equipment during the cold season.


Contact Erik Skoog – Service Manager to schedule your service at (952) 292-9093

Emergency Pool Service Available!

Pool Service

  • Service-Repair
  • Training
  • Start-ups/Shut-downs
  • Parts/Equipment

The Minnesota Department of Health and the Wisconsin Department of Safety have updated information on changes required by the State of Minnesota or Wisconsin, Pool Operator Certification classes and general pool operating information.